Hold Your Tongue

We're talking sneakers & anything in the world of the flat shoe. Over the course of the last few months, my car has become my second home. Which means I'm always on the run. Anyone that is on the run, including mothers, free-lancers, gym junkies and in my world, stylists need a collective of sneakers and comfortable flats to keep our worlds moving.

I'm not one to sacrifice a look with an awful pair of shoes. I will hurt the sides of my feet, my heels and my toes to make sure I look fool proof the entire day. There is only so much that is available to you, especially in a crowded mall where you find nothing but sparkly floors made of syrup and goo. You need to find something strong, neutral, and not overly out of your budget. Here are my top picks on what shoes to wear that will go hand in hand with your blazers for meetings and fluffy sweaters for the weekend picnic without the need to detach your feet at the end of the day.

Layers Layers Layers

Between Santa Cruz and Los Angeles, I can tell you a sweet jacket makes all the difference for my style. I love wearing jackets, coats and layers. It's so unbelievably hot in LA that its rare when you get to wear any layering at all. I've always been this way (excluding high-school years of phasing out the crazy) And in my obsolete opinion, these 'chiffon trench coats' are perfect! It covers and it's breezy enough to wear all day. Unless you're bucket wet sweating.

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Black on Plank


When frost bites, layering is one of your fashionable key goals. You don't want to look over layered because you'll look fresh out of (insert accent here) New York. Here in Cen-Cal that's considered over done.

We don’t want too much bulk. We don’t want things that are too short. We don’t aim for sweater over button up. We look at things in proportions and aim to tell a cohesive story about balancing your body type.

My body type is petite, with a short torso, longer legs. I focus on emphasizing that because I love looking tall. If you like looking cute and petite, a longer peplum blouse would be an essential. If you're like me, a long shirt split down the sides flows perfectly with skinny jeans and boots. Add something to split your body where you want the most attention. For my body type, I love bringing attention to the size of my waist. And tying a button up ties in well with my style.

For brand details check out my instagram @BornOriginGal. Wearing a long black short sleeve tee, black skinny jeans, black mid calf booties, a bucket bag and a black panama hat.

Rock The Boat

When you learn something new, on average you'll store it away in your notes, add a bookmark or even do a status update on your social media. Little did you know, the first and best thing you should do is apply it to your life immediately. It's those new things that you learn that don't quite change you, but create a better version of you. An upgrade isn't always a bad idea right?

Many of the greats know this: if you really want something, go get it. Waiting can help you gather new ideas and plans, but what's really going to get you started is moving forward and taking that risk. You've got nothing to lose. It's easier done, than said.

Outfit brand details can be found on my Instagram @BornOriginGal. Wearing Distressed Boyfriend Denim | Green Button Up | Black Cashmere Scarf | Black Panama Hat | Blue Studded Pointed Flats. Here are some alternative options:

Our Future is Our Tulle

As we take a glimpse to the last year, it was merely a few days ago; at the alluringly beautiful memories and reminiscence reflections that simply glow. We flashback at the sizzling memories tanned in shorts and full of vain, and my favorite recent cold winters that pour of nothing but frosty rain.

To the right I pageant my choices of inspiration for holiday wear. And know I'm thankful for all your love, and leave you here with all my tender loving care.

Cheers to a new year of nothing but AWESOME.

Outfit Details; click photo for more:

Soft Pink Free People Tulle Skirt | Black Micheal Kors Patent Court Shoes | NY&CO Beige Nude Long Coat by Eva Mendes & Leopard Pussybow blouse | Vintage Beaded Clutch