Hold Your Tongue

We're talking sneakers & anything in the world of the flat shoe. Over the course of the last few months, my car has become my second home. Which means I'm always on the run. Anyone that is on the run, including mothers, free-lancers, gym junkies and in my world, stylists need a collective of sneakers and comfortable flats to keep our worlds moving.

I'm not one to sacrifice a look with an awful pair of shoes. I will hurt the sides of my feet, my heels and my toes to make sure I look fool proof the entire day. There is only so much that is available to you, especially in a crowded mall where you find nothing but sparkly floors made of syrup and goo. You need to find something strong, neutral, and not overly out of your budget. Here are my top picks on what shoes to wear that will go hand in hand with your blazers for meetings and fluffy sweaters for the weekend picnic without the need to detach your feet at the end of the day.