BornOriginGal Moves to LA

Once you drop everything you're accustomed to, you find the true meaning in your life. The idea of leaving comfort behind, seemed frightening and a deliberate attempt to make myself miserable.

Understanding how many years I studied, how many things I learned to be successful: helped me acquire the knowledge I needed to self doubt myself and realize there are far bigger and better things that are within my reach.

The idea of starting from the bottom, isn't as scary as it sounds. Will I find the true source of happiness in my career? Is it worth it?

Just because your story isn't fast paced, doesnt mean it isnt a great story. Put your pen down, and stop writing your ideas that will gather more dust than speed. Drop everything you're good at, and start forming a new life of things you love to do. 

I decided to move to LA full time. Wish me luck.