8:00a Still feeling the warmth of the blankets surrounding my legs, I ask myself, every morning, "What is your goal today Teresita?".

There is no light shinning through my window, nor is there someone yelling at me to wake up. I hear my phone vibrating and pinging, and vibrating and pinging. I have the freedom to stay in bed, or get up! It's an undeniable luxury that I can appreciate.

We're in September. And so far, Ive worked enough to get me through the year. The idea of relaxing, having a day off, drives me completely insane. So today, my goal is to get up, hit my laptop and find the next gig before you do.


Elegant Magazine feat. Kyra Santoro

A little bit of magic with Kyra Santoro on a hidden corner off the Pacific Coast Highway.

Always thankful to @MediaPlayPR @JoplinShowroom @RapparoundShowroom and @TomboySantaCruz

Shot by Enrique Bautista | Hair by Gabriella Murphy | Makeup by Christine Donee

Featured in the November Issue #4 of Elegant Magazine

BornOriginGal Moves to LA

Once you drop everything you're accustomed to, you find the true meaning in your life. The idea of leaving comfort behind, seemed frightening and a deliberate attempt to make myself miserable.

Understanding how many years I studied, how many things I learned to be successful: helped me acquire the knowledge I needed to self doubt myself and realize there are far bigger and better things that are within my reach.

The idea of starting from the bottom, isn't as scary as it sounds. Will I find the true source of happiness in my career? Is it worth it?

Just because your story isn't fast paced, doesnt mean it isnt a great story. Put your pen down, and stop writing your ideas that will gather more dust than speed. Drop everything you're good at, and start forming a new life of things you love to do. 

I decided to move to LA full time. Wish me luck.

The Darker, The Better

I wear so much black, I look like a picture. You should frame me.

Back in high-school, the color black was all I wore. I had nothing but basics and layering wasn't something I even considered. You live and you learn and we eventually gain a sense of both worlds.

As for my recent endeavor with hats, take a hint from Pharell. 

I've had this one for years and I know it's time for something brighter before summer starts. Below you'll see some of my favorite picks xx

How To: Creative Instagram Photography

Instagram is a whole different world from what it was before. If we jumped on the bandwagon originally, we may have 2.9 million followers too. In the mean while, users are searching for inspiration.

Here are some steps to amping up your IG game through photography:

- Keep it creative. Pose your OOTD's in front of a berserk wall and show off what you're up to.

- Do you have a hobby? Find different angles of your hobby. My hobby is finding new locations in the cities that I am visiting. I want people to see the real beauty in their backyard.

- Stay original and wear what makes you happy. Don't let a price point get in your way. Check Pinterest for inspiration on what to wear all over the world and DIY! I photograph everything I see, creativity is everywhere. Good luck on your insta-game and I hope my tricks help you start taking better Instagram photos and raking in those likes! xx